How Much More Do Companies Charge For Expedited Shipping?

Shipping by expediting incurs additional expenses. In most cases, expedited services are more expensive than standard delivery, costing from $10 up to $20. Before starting your business, it’s good to include shipping costs in your financial estimates. It is essential to provide delivery prices on your website for your customers as well.

Standard shipping and expedited shipping have several variables that need to be considered. In the first place, expedited shipping is more convenient, but there is no way to know exactly when a shipment will arrive. Expedited delivery is often handled within two to three business days, whereas standard shipping may take anywhere from four to 10 business days.

What Is Expedited Shipping

Certain carriers provide expedited delivery for a price, a service that shortens the time it takes for an item to arrive at its destination. This service may go by various names depending on the carrier, such as “priority mail.” On the other hand, expedited shipping may be categorized as “express shipping.”

The main distinctions between accelerated and ordinary shipping are delivery time and freight costs. Because of the additional precautions the carrier must take to expedite delivery, expedited shipping charges are usually consistently higher than ordinary shipping costs. However, many clients are prepared to pay a premium to accelerate the delivery time, so they don’t have to wait for more time-consuming ways of transportation.

How To Offer It

Expedited delivery may be expensive, depending on the distance and the weight and size of the product. Customers may be willing to pay a premium for expedited shipment, though. What can you do to keep your shipping costs down while still providing clients with faster delivery options? The following are a few possibilities to think about:

  • Customers should be billed directly. Make fast delivery a choice for your customers, and charge them what your carrier charges you at checkout if they want it. 
  • Specify a Smaller Area for Express Delivery. You may keep the cost of speeding a shipment down by only offering expedited or express delivery to clients who reside near your shipping zones.
  • Expedited shipping is only available for lightweight items. Prioritize your lightest and most frequently-shipped things for expedited shipment to avoid racking up hefty fees from the shipping service provider. 
  • An experienced fulfillment center can help you get the job done. Your customers can get their products faster if you ship them from the nearest fulfillment center rather than relying on a single distribution center that may or may not be close by.