Are There High-Paying Jobs In Freight Transport?

If you’re interested in a business career, consider inbound logistics as one of several options. An essential part of working in supply chain management is efficiently helping a company’s products get from point A to point B. Your career aspirations might be better served by understanding what opportunities are available and how they fit into the overall supply chain.

When it comes to analyzing and improving supply chain procedures, a logistics coordinator is a vital team member. They’re in charge of keeping track of orders, making sure that manufacturing and delivery are on way, and communicating with vendors, manufacturers, and shipping companies. The average annual wage is $35,969.

In “supply management,” these specialists ensure that manufacturing supplies match customer demand in terms of quantity and quality. To optimize sourcing timelines and tactics, they also work with logistics managers to incorporate automation into procedures. Buying materials, a goods, or equipment for one part of the supply chain, such as raw materials for manufacture or ready-to-sell items for customers, bring in average annual pay of $49,913. 

A company’s acquisition and distribution of products and materials are under the direction of the logistics manager. They can create budgets for each link in the supply chain, keep track of inventories in production and storage facilities, cultivate good working relationships with suppliers and distributors, and bargain for shipping prices. The average yearly wage is $60,464

Other High Paying Jobs In Logistics

Supply chain and freight transport logistics jobs have been present for as long as people have been able to cultivate crops. When a single individual fulfills a need shared by hundreds or thousands of people, the supply industry’s involvement becomes bigger. As a result, many people are unaware of this position’s enormous potential for recent college graduates.

For a commercial shipping firm, a fleet manager is responsible for maintaining and scheduling all of the company’s vehicles and assuring compliance with all federal rules. The fleet manager’s role is administrative primarily, ensuring that all drivers can travel to their destinations on time. Having a relevant degree may help you get a starting pay of more than $71,000 per year in this role.

A configuration analyst in engineering is responsible for keeping track of changes to high-tech equipment’s critical technical papers. They are often in charge of ensuring that important projects are completed on schedule and budget. Once you reach that stage, you can anticipate a median pay of more than $120,000 per year and a very fulfilling job as a specialty sector consultant.